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This Electro Reflexologist will help alleviate pain and soreness as well as rejuvenate and boost circulation. If you’ve had a hard day on your feet all day, plonk yourself down in your comfy seat and prop your feet onto this electro reflexologist, for a massage to relieve your aches.

A remarkable new alternative therapy development - just 30 minutes treatment per day will mark an improvement in your well-being, help with aches and pains and target other problem areas through the power of reflexology.

Combining the principles of traditional foot reflexology and acupuncture with modern technology, this reflexology massager electronically stimulates the acupressure points on the soles of your feet. It uses safe low-frequency electro-waves to activate your reflex zones, acu-points, nerves, muscles and capillaries and help enhance your body’s natural healing power. Simply place your feet on the pads, select time and intensity, and press start. It’s intensely relaxing and you’ll find your feet becoming warmer as your circulation improves. Feedback from practitioners confirms that this type of machine is useful for relieving fluid retention in lower limbs, general aches and pains, poor circulation and stress.

Foot Reflexology is a “pressure therapy” and involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in the foot that correspond to certain other areas in the body as as to cure or prevent disease. It is based on the premise that our nervezones or reflex points go from the bottom, of our feet to the top of our head, encompassing all vital organs on the way.

Benefits of Foot Reflexology:

·         Reduces the level of stress

·         Increases blood circulation

·         Rejuvenates tired and aching feet/legs

·         Assists the body in returning to a state of balance

Foot Reflex Points It Targets:

·         Frontal sinus

·         Pituitary gland

·         Lungs/heart

·         Thyroid

·         Solar Plexus

·         Stomach

·         Spleen

·         Kidneys

·         Small intestine

·         Pelvic Area


·         Stimulating foot massage that rejuvenates and boosts circulation

·         Designed to alleviate pain and soreness

·         Micro current stimulation (EMS)

·         Sole massage roller

·         Far infrared massage function

·         Timer setting for auto off

·         EMS foot reflexology which massages internal organs

·         Big control panel can be easily controlled by toes

·         Carry handle for easy transportation

·         Blue colour LED back light for easy reading

·         Operated by 3 x C batteries (not included) or AC adapter (included)

·         Pre-set with:

·   10 programmes

·  40 levels per program

·  2 channels for different muscle types

·         The 4 x gel pads can be used for:

·  Body toning- arms, thighs, abs, buttocks

·  To target neck/back pain

Video demonstration for this product:  Click here to view

Special notes:

One year warranty

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