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  • Size: Double size, 180 x 210cm
  • Quilt filling material: 100% 500grams per sq metre Australian Wool
  • Quilt cover Fabric material: 100% soft cotton Japara
  • Care: Dry clean only
  • Guarantee: Five year guarantee

About woolstar

Woolstar products are proudly made from 100% Australian wool. With over 200 years of experience Australia is internationally recognised as the world’s expert wool growing nation.
Australian wool is a natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable fibre, grown by dedicated farmers who are stewards of their flocks and their land applying and building on generations of knowledge and experience.

Natural, Sustainable & Renewable - Healthy

Wool is a pure and natural fibre that has evolved over millions of years and is made from the same molecule found in human hair, nails and eye lashes – Keratin.
An insoluble protein with a unique structure, Keratin provides a natural resistance to sunlight, water, acids, deterioration and mildew under most normal conditions. It makes perfect sense that the same molecular structure that protects the skin, makes for healthier bedding and a good night’s sleep.
Wool is renewable and sustainable. Sheep grow a new fleece each year, thriving on open farmland under the care of proud Australian wool growers who are committed to best land and flock management.

Odour Resistance

Wool is naturally odour reducing due to its physical and chemical structure. The ability of wool to absorb and transport moisture (sweat) away from the skin where it evaporates into the air, prevents bacteria developing and creating unpleasant body odours. Sweat itself has no odour, but if it is allowed to stay on the skin, bacteria will develop and so will body odours.
Wool fibres are scaly on their surface with no charge, providing an anti-microbial environment. This means that the bacteria are not attracted to or able to penetrate the scales, like they are the smooth, positively charged surface of a synthetic fibre.

Insulation, Breathability & Temperature Stability

As you sleep, wool keeps you warm in the cold of a snowy winter and cool in the heat of a humid summer, protecting the microclimate next to skin in changing conditions by absorbing and releasing moisture.
The core of a wool fibre is hydrophilic (water retaining), and is breathable, moving perspiration away from the skin so that you feel fresh and dry. The breathability of wool enables a reaction to the surroundings and with your body temperature to provide comfort and stability.
The active ability of wool to react to changes in one’s body temperature and the microclimate above the skin is further enhanced by wool’s insulation capacity. The thermal insulation provided by a wool is due to the air trapped between the fibres, and as wool is finer than other textiles, it contains more air spaces, and provides greater insulation.
These superior insulation, microclimate control and moisture wicking abilities of wool are proven to improve sleep patterns.


Wool fibres are strong, long and very resilient. A wool fibre can be bent 20,000 times without breaking and when it is wet, it can be extended up to 30% without damage. When the extension is released, the fibre then recovers completely to its original dimensions. 

Fire Resistant

Wool has natural fire resistant attributes providing additional safety. This fire resistance is due to:

  • High ignition temperature: wool needs to reach a high level of heat before it will ignite.
  • Low heat of combustion: it releases comparatively low heat to other fabrics.
  • Wool is made of nitrogen: it therefore requires a great amount of oxygen, more than what occurs naturally in the atmosphere.

If wool is ignited, it burns slowly and can even self-extinguish.

Your first choice in quality 100% Australian Wool, Australian Made bedding.

Warranty and return policy:

Woolstar Warranty

Special notes:

Pickup at the shop is available.

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