Introduction to the website

Dealhot is a daily and weekly deals website.

Dealhot provides a powerful platform, where the buyers can purchase various hot deals from the selected sellers.

Dealhot is not an ordinary retailer online shopping site, not a simple daily website attaching to one warehouse, is a online deal outline, allows good sellers to plug in daily deal shops serving a large number of bargain hunters in the social network.


You just click the link "Log in with Facebook" on the top of the page. If you are the first time user in Dealhot, you will be directed to Facebook website, then you need to confirm that you connect Facebook with Dealhot including allow Dealhot send email to you to setup an account.

The email will be used to receive account password, deal order info, and optional newsletters.
Seller is a merchant who owns a legal business, ideally it has an e-commerce web site.

The number of sellers is limited in dealhot. All sellers are manually picked by dealhot administrators. Only reliable sellers are allowed to open deal shops in dealhot selling platform.

The sellers' performance is reviewed and rated by the buyers and the system. The seller with poor rating score will not be permitted to sell, and the deal shop will be closed, but some old data is still displayed to the public.

From 01/01/2012, the sellers are only in Australia. Oversea sellers are no longer allowed to open a shop in dealhot. After-sale service from the sellers is one of the most important offers in dealhot, it is most likely oversea sellers have some disadvantages.

General issues

Most likely you should contact the seller.
Sale is divided into before sale and after sale as usual. In dealhot, there are two message systems - Before Sale Message System and After Sale Message System.

The entry of Before Sale Message System is under "The company" tab of every deal, you can find the contact details of a seller, and send enquiry messages.

The After Sale Message System is under "My orders" section of "My account", you may enquiry a sale based on every order, and you can communicate with the seller efficiently.
Well, dealhot is not fixed to one single warehouse.

There are multiple sellers in the dealhot system, dealhot itself is one of the sellers. All sellers have their warehouses or shops, which are distributed in different locations in Australia.

This is our advantage. Why? because it is localized, our deals are called local deals, the shipping fee or traffic fee is low, and the bucks you spend is decreased. It is dumbest if you are in Hobart, and you fly to a restaurant in Sydney just for a cheap deal about tasty meal.

This is our business logic, so far, it does not become a reality yet, but it is our direction. Apparently, some products are not limited by the locations, for example, you can buy a deal about greeting card, and the seller could be from a long distance, even from oversea as long as you tolerate the time of delivery.
Delivery varies with different deals and sellers.

Normally, the delivery takes 4 days if the stock is in Australia.

The delivery may take one month if it is an international order.

The delivery information or ETA is specified in every deal, you may need to check it carefully before ordering if you think the ETA is very important.
The warranty and return policy vary with different deals and sellers. As a buyer, you can check the information in description and shipping sections of the deal. Every seller must provide warranty and return policy information for every deal.

A seller fails to provide warranty and return policy, the buyer's complaint and dispute are not solved within a certain deadline, the following steps will be proceeded:

1) refund will be applied in Paypal if the received deal is apparently different from the description and specification in the deal sale web page

2) the sale case will be submitted to Australia Fair Trade
commission if the warranty service is not carried out.

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