Dealhot mobiles web supports the following smart phones

You can buy deals, redeem vouchers with the mobiles. Don't need to download additional software, just enter the url on mobile's browser, everything will be just right for you.

We don't invent new wheels to make confusion since you already have the required technology in the pockets or in your hands,  we just encourage you to take the advantages of your own smart devices. Deals are changing instantly, mobile web is a choice for you to connect, which is not limited within the desktop and a bunch of wires.

Our mobile web is a great way to redeem your voucher. You can simply open your order and the voucher,  optionally save as a file, then display it to the seller anytime anywhere. Don't' need to print,  save beautiful three,  and protect our natural environment!





Windows phone 7

window phone 7



More other mobile and smart phones are supported including Apple iPad, Motorola, ZTE, Archos, Huawe, Samsung Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab, SonyEricsso.

You can use if  your mobile is not automatically directed.

Deals are on

E-commerce website  + mobile web page +  iPhone app and more
Deal Ends: 28/05/2014 23:59:59
Perfect Situp Workout Machine
Deal Ends: 19/05/2014 23:59:59
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