The seller posts products or services in the deal section. The data is compared in the comparison shopping,  only cheap products with clear brand information are approved for a deal and scheduled for sale. Normally, there are just a few new deals every week.

Newsletters will be sent to a large number of subscribers about good deals. There are over 50,000 registered members, and about 25,000 active subscribers in Australia.

Deal order

The buyer can log in with Facebook or sign up with simple steps, adds active deals to the shopping cart, just like normal online shopping.

Shipping or pickup

Sellers control the pickup option and allow buyers to pick up products at their shops or warehouses without a shipping fee. The sellers can encourage the buyers to directly purchase more products at the shops.


The sellers receive money in their own nominated Paypal accounts directly from the buyers' purchase payment. Dealhot will charge a small amount of commission, which is a small percentage of trading amount depending on the deals and sellers. The buyer can refund or exchange unsatisfied order from the seller under certain terms of use.

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