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Version 1.2 has tabs on the top including deals, search, about us and help section.

Version 1.21 and 1.22 fixed the bugs when switch landscape and portrait views.

Version 1.23, search function was enhanced. Some fragments have been changed to activities for better performance.

Version 1.24, more screens for easier navigation. My account buttons are added to home page.
Version 1.30, targeted new SDK and handle some network exceptions.
Version 1.31, barcode reader was attached to search function.
Version 1.32, changing orientation bugs has been fixed. Page loading is faster due to caching usage.
Version 1.33, barcode reader has been improved.
Version 1.34, photo upload for message system


Hot Australian deals in your Android and pocket

With our free Android app, deals are delivered to your phone every day. Just click to view the deal and buy directly on your Android phone. It 's that easy.

You can also view with various Android Tablets to obtain a great shopping experience.

The deals are located in 8 cities / states in Australia, you just need a few clicks in your smart Android mobile phone or tablet to connect the best deals in your local markets.

Deals are on

E-commerce website  + mobile web page +  iPhone app and more
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