These Terms apply to all sales. These Terms override and are in substitution for any terms stipulated or referred to in writing or orally by the buyer

These Terms are governed by the laws of Australia and any dispute under them shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Australia.

As protecting consumer privacy is very important to us, we are committed to ensuring the privacy of our visitors and customers. We make a policy devoted to strict customer confidentiality at all times. If there is any change to this policy statement, it will be updated on our website immediately.


The buyers should directly contact the sellers for sale service, including pre-sale enquiries,  shipping track and after-sale service for product exchange, product return and payment refund.


The buyers can contact the technical section of dealhot to get support if have any difficult in using the website.


The buyers may contact the sellers or dealhot administrators to complain the sale services, and open a dispute ticket in dealhot Contact us section. Dealhot administrators are responsible for delivering all messages from the buyers to the sellers immediately if the administrators are contacted by the buyers. The sellers are responsible for solving the problems for their buyers.

Collection of Information

Dealhot collects information directly from customers through online application forms, fax, post, e-mail and phone. We may ask for some of your details such as name, telephone number, fax number, post and e-mail address in order to complete your order. Any information that collected by Dealhot is collected and processed in accordance with Australia's Privacy Act 1993.

For offering or providing the best products and services to consumers, Dealhot collects personal information for the purposes to supply products and services information

We may use the information to keep you informed by post or e-mail. We may also sometimes use the information collected to let you know about important functionality changes on our websites.


Dealhot will never disclose customer's information to any other parties. To us, customer information is always strictly confidential and never disclosed to any other party without the authorization of the customer except required by law. We will only use or disclose personal information collected from you if you have authorized us to do so, or we are authorized and required by law.


To Dealhot, customers' personal information security is the initial concern. We aim to ensure that the personal information we collect is kept secure. We use appropriate system to protect consumers' information from unauthorized access, destruction or disclosure. It may include physical access security, encryption and other certain technologies. Dealhot will review and improve its security system as necessary continuously.


You may correct and change your personal information held by us by logging on your account any time. Simply click My account on the site and entering your User Name and Password.


Dealhot may create links to other websites. We take no responsibility for the content or privacy practices of these links.

Terms and agreement of use for sellers

 Checklist for the information of a deal.

A deal must contain the following elements:

  • Descriptive title
    Buyers may just need to view the title and know what the deal is.

  • Price
    Both the price and  RRP are required .

  • Photo
    1 - 4 photos for the gallery slider with specified sizes.

  • Description
    Detailed introduction to the product or service, can be long text-based and tabulated paragraph and inserted with large photos and video. The description must be accurate in the details of the product or service. Counterfeit product is not permitted to sell in Dealhot platform.

  • Specification
    This can be a part of  the description above if  the content of specification is simple and just has a few lines of words

  • Shipping information
    includes the targeted locations, shipping fee, ETA (estimated time of arrival).

  • Warranty and return policy
    Clear warranty and return policy must be specified, which will be displayed in the description section or shipping information section.

    Every participant in Dealhot needs to bear in mind and take actions for the policy:  Australia buyers are reserved the rights to refund or exchange deal orders under terms and conditions that are authorized, limited and  protected by Australia government and fair trade law.

  • Brand
    Clear brand or manufacturer information for the deal is required.

  • Business contact details
    include phone number and address.

The seller is responsible for all service related to the sale including sale enquiries, shipping products to all individual buyers, warranty service,  product exchange and payment refund.  In the After-sale Message System, the seller should response in one business day and solve the problems in five business days after the buyer posts an enquiry.

Dealhot provides all promotion and technical support for the website to ensure the sale platform is highly efficient.
 Shipping confirmation

The seller needs to use order control panel to indicate the shipping status of an order and enter track number if it is available.

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