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Good water as the best medicine

The importance of water to the human body is known to all. But the most important issue is the quality of the water we drink – how good and clean is it?

Tap water can be contaminated by germs, bacteria, farm chemicals, heavy metals etc and chlorine disinfection can produce chlorides harmful to our health.

Water filters available on the market include those using the methods of seven-stage filtration

such as activated carbon, electrolysis, ionisation, ultra-filtration membranes. But the water they produce has a higher ion content than tap water. Some of these ions are harmful to health, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and various chlorides which the kidneys cannot excrete. These substances will accumulate in the body causing harm to the kidneys and liver.

Good clean water is good medicine.

Reverse osmosis (RO)

(1) Reverse osmosis (RO) is so far the most advanced method used in water filtration. It can remove many types of molecules and ions from water by applying pressure to it when it is on one side of a membrane. The membrane pore size is 0.0001 micron or 0.1 nanometres, much smaller than that of ultra-filtration membranes.

(2) RO can effectively remove minute impurities from water such as soluble salts, organic substances, various chlorides and heavy metal ions (eg lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium).

(3) It can remove harmful substances such as microbes, bacteria, germs, remnants of farm chemicals.

(4) It can break up big clusters of water molecules into smaller ones, making them easier to absorb and discharge.

(5) It can produce oxygen-laden water molecules (with dissolved oxygen). Oxygen can help fight cancer cells which are anaerobic (ie requiring an absence of free oxygen).

In other words, the RO membrane can function partly as an artificial kidney, thus relieving the burden on the real organs.

Wide application of RO

RO has been widely used in desalination of sea water, for water purification in countries short of water resources and to provide drinking water for ships, island garrisons, oil fields etc. It has also been used to produce recycled water in spacecraft, nuclear power plants and heavily polluted areas.

The RO water filter is the most advanced of its kind on the market today and is the best choice if you want to drink good clean water for a healthier life.

The filter's parts and their function

(1) A 10-inch polypropylene (PP) filter cartridge, 5 micron (placed in the outer filter). With a pore size of 5 micron, it can remove larger particles such as rust, sand etc.

(2) A T33 activated carbon filter cartridge that can remove chlorides, humus, by-products of disinfection, taste and odour.

(3) A 10-inch filter cartridge, 1 micron, that can remove smaller particles, suspended substances, colloids etc.

(4) An RO membrane filter (125 GPD)

Producing 125 gallons of clean water per day, the filter, with its pore size of 0.0001 micron, can remove germs, bacteria, heavy metals, farm chemicals and other harmful remnants.

(5) A far infra-red mineralised carbon filter cartridge

Water produced by the mineralised carbon filter contains micro-elements good for health such as strontium, lithium, bisilicate, calcium, zinc and potassium which can provide mineral nutrients and improve circulation.

(6) Tank

This contains the purified water.
We will guide you how to install it, and provide the regular replacement parts,
We aim to provide the best price.

Warranty and return policy:

12 months warranty.

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